by Pardoh


I first stood behind the lens of a camera when I spent my whole first salary on a new reflex machine. Like many other people, I learned how to use it along the way. 

It wasn’t until 2010 when I started filming, more precisely, when I started off my best known project: the “Harlems” documentary. 

The idea was to give voice to those underground urban musicians, in the belief that they would be the next ones to hit it. I has been a few years where I have been experiencing all of this music in the front row, and capturing it on video so that other people could get to discover it too.

“Harlems” enjoyed a warm welcome into the audience and national media -it appeared on articles, musical programmes and magazines’ front cover. During this process, I was able to work alongside artists such as Dellafuente, C. Tangana, Rels B, Elio Toffana o Delaossa.

My curiosity always makes me want to leave my comfort zone and explore new concepts and territories. Working with classic rock artists like Samaritans, I have developed their work’s photography and video direction. On the other hand, the automotive field has inspired me to discover new shapes and compositions, where I am able to combine my passion towards photography, the relationship with people and working outdoors.

I consider myself a passionate portraitist as well as a street photography lover: directing, editing, filming, photographing and, above all, making a moment last forever, is what encourages me to go on.

Every time I find myself with a camera in my hands, I feel there is an open door to learn something new.